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News and events

25% of KMZ Industries customers took advantage of the program and received state compensation


“KMZ Industries’ participation in the compensation program has never been one of the company’s main competitive advantages in the market. We have successfully built a business before its introduction and will continue to do this with it or after it – through constant work to improve our products and services, as well as close communication with customers.

As for the figures: in 2018, 17% of our customers took advantage of the program and received state compensation. This year this indicator has reached 25%. This is a small indicator relative to the total sales of the company, however, we are obliged to compensate for the fact that it attracted the attention of many agricultural enterprises to the Ukrainian producer. We are grateful to the state, which helps farmers to build new modern granaries. “


Installation of Brice-Baker silos in Estonia is coming to the finish line

Currently, our customer from Estonia is completing the construction of the last of the three BBK silos, which were manufactured and delivered by our plant. More

Unique belt conveyor for grain

Recently, KMZ Industries introduced another new development to the market - a unique closed grain belt conveyor (or belt conveyor). More

Global expansion of production: equipment of elevator direction "Variant Agro Bud" will move to KMZ Industries plant

After the merger of KMZ Industries and the Variant Agro Bud elevator in April this year, the production sites of both plants will be combined into a single production More


KMZ Industries manufactured SMVU conical silos for the oil press plant in Moldova. Granulated and non-granulated husks, as well as sunflower, will be stored in the silos before drying. More

Ukraine Agro-2C

Elevator equipment from the Variant Agro Build line is installed at the elevator of Ukraine Agro-2C LLC, located in Khmelnytsky region. More


At the elevator in the Nikolaev area the equipment of production of KMZ Industries earned. The length of transport lines in the elevator is 441 m.
KMZ Industries not only manufactured equipment for this facility, but also provided its installation. More

Your grain will have a home KMZ Industries

The decision to build an elevator is not just about business. It is the courage to take on more responsibility and achieve more. More

Iryna Redchenko: "If everything is done correctly and you trust your colleagues, it is easy to take responsibility"

We are communicating with the head of the technical department Irina Vladimirovna Redchenko in the framework of the project "Faces of the plant" More
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