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Following the business conference “Old VS New Elevator”

On September 25, 2019, the Ukrainian Grain Association held a business conference “Old VS New Grain storage complex”, dedicated to the efficiency of facilities for storing and processing grain and determining ways to solve this issue.

Representatives of the authorities, practitioners, and leaders of relevant associations reported.


The main trends of the grain storage market:

  • The construction of a new grain storage compleх is much more economically and financially profitable than the modernization of the old one.

The practice highlighted the opportunity to win in price due to the quality of products, which can be ensured to the maximum only at the new grain storage compleх. They also talked about a constant increase in the requirements of importers for Ukrainian grain indicators: only the capabilities of a modern grain storage compleх can also help here.

  • Yield growth = need for new storage facilities

Expert forecasts are in favor of increasing grain production. Given the situation, there is an increasing need for the construction of new grain storage compleх: speakers in particular spoke about 300-400 new facilities, which the market now additionally requires.

  • User requirements for grain storage compleх equipment: versatility and power

Thanks to the Ukrainian Grain Association for a truly large-scale event, relevant analytics and practical arguments supported by numbers in favor of the development of the industry!

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