Kaiman-Pivnich prefers KMZ Industries' silos since 2014 | KMZ Industries

Kaiman-Pivnich prefers KMZ Industries’ silos since 2014

“KAIMAN-PIVNICH” expands its capacity with KMZ Industries’ silos.


Now there are 18 hopper silos manufactured by KMZ Industries. They were established in two stages, the first one was implemented in 2014.


“Choosing silos we remembered the advice of colleagues from “KAYMAN-SOUTH”, Igor Bovnegra says; he is the director of the company.


“The fact is that KAYMAN-SOUTH has been operating silos of KMZ Industries for about 10 years. Silos are equipped with a system of active ventilation and thermometry. It provides the proper quality of the grain especially for long-term storage”a

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