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Port / Commercial / Farmer elevators



Storage: 1.700 t

Zernokomtrans (TC Agromarket)

Storage: 42.000 t

Ladyzhensky grain storage complex (Vinnitsia Poultry Farm)

Storage: 38.000 t

Grain storage Dukla

Storage: 25.000 t

Zolotonosha branch of NIibulon

Storage: 60.000 t

Zerno-Agrotrade (Khmelnik grain storage complex)

Storage: 67.000 t

Zerno-Agrotrade (Voitovetsky grain storage complex Volochisk-Agro)

Storage: 22.000 t

Grain storage complex Agro

Storage: 115.000 t

Khristinovsky grain storage complex

Storage: 134.000 t

Storage: 41.500 t

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