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Complex Solutions

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Complex solutions for grain storage complexes

One of the priority lines of KMZ Industries’ business is turnkey construction of grain storage complexes. That is why we manufacture all types of grain storage equipment.

  • flat bottom silos with storage capacity up to 21.315 m3 (16.625 t of wheat) with diameter up to 32 m, hopper silos (up to 1.500 t), XE series silos (up to 52.9 m³) in two model lines: SMVU and Brice-Backer;
  • Brice-Baker grain dryers with capacity from 9 to 300 t/h (English design) and DSP grain dryers with a capacity from 25, 50 and 100 t/h (Ukrainian design);
  • conveying equipment: bucket elevators up to 800 t/h capacity, chain conveyors – up to 500 t/h, belt conveyors up to 1.500 t/h and screw conveyors – up to 200 t/h;
  • KBS grain cleaners with a capacity up to 200 t/h for coarse separation;
  • auxiliary equipment with throughput capacity up to 1.500 t/h (including self-gravity tubes);
  • metal structures for servicing facilities – bucket elevators support towers, catwalks, ladders, etc.

Besides the full range of grain storage equipment, our company also provides the services, such as:

  • Engineering of grain storage complexes and equipment;
  • building grain storage complexes – equipment assembly;
  • if you have your own assembly team we can provide installation supervision;
  • automation of grain storage complexes make all processes at storage complex as much transparent and controllable as possible, and as a consequence – to manage its cost-effectiveness;
  • we can teach your personnel how to use our equipment correct and safely;
  • we provide commissioning works in the beginning of season for safe start of grain storage complex;
  • technical inspection of equipment, fault detection;
  • year-round service 24/7.

Why KMZ Industries?

KMZ Industries – leading manufacturer of turnkey grain storage complexes in Ukraine. We were able to become so through such factors as individual attitude to each order and aspiration for creating long partnership relations. Also our products has such advantages:

  • we use galvanized steel of European manufacture grade not lower than S350GD to produce our products;
  • wide model range of different types of products (we have 115 models only Brice-Baker grain dryers);
  • grain storage equipment by KMZ Industries produced by BRADBURY automotive production lines (best global manufacturer of silo construction machinery) and by Japanese AMADA processing machines;
  • long term of operation – from 10 years.

Our complex solutions for grain storage complexes allowed to our clients significantly reduce project implementation period. We are responsible for the implementation period and success of the project from the design stage to start-up.

Compensation and Financing Programs

The priority line of our company is sales of grain storage complexes in Ukraine and CIS countries, therefore we try to offer the most favorable conditions for our customers.

  1. When you buy any production from KMZ Industries, you can get 25% of compensation. This is possible due to the state compensation program.
  2. In additional, our clients can get financing from one of the partner banks of our company. For our customers banks have the most favorable conditions and preferential rates.

To get more information about complex solutions and other products please, fill out the feedback form or contact us by phone +380 (50) 435 7697.

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