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Service maintenance

The manufacturer is the first who interested in correct equipment operation. And inspection of the grain storage complex with his participation, primarily useful for owner and chief engineer. It is known that during operation, technical personnel can make changes in design, disable sensors, or simply make mistakes. Of course, the reports will indicate that all equipment in working order and does not require any repairs. And then, there are all sorts of unpleasant “surprises”, like accidents or downtime.

Professional inspection of the equipment

  • What needs replacement now or close time?
  • How to protect yourself from accidents or downtime?
  • Is the equipment working correctly and efficiently?

The answers for this questions will give you only professional inspection of the equipment.
Professional inspection of the equipment at grain storage complex is a mandatory operation stage. After all, examination by independent specialist will help to identify flaws in operation and propose corrective actions.

In addition, when specialist examining:

  • no point in hiding violations;
  • can confirm that the maintenance service working effectively (if the
  • equipment is not damaged);
  • prepares detailed report, incl. photo report;
  • will consult and provide recommendations on issues.

We inspect equipment of any manufacturer

KMZ Industries specialists inspect equipment of any manufacturer. This inspection enables the grain storage complex to obtain a complete, honest and independent assessment of the equipment condition. After all inspection, always has the “temptation” not to point out a defect that should not have appeared or appeared ahead of the time. Inspection of grain storage complex by independent expert gives the grain storage owner a real picture of his equipment condition.

Who inspects the equipment?

KMZ Industries employees, who have experience in installation and inspection of grain storage complex equipment. Our specialists are provided with optical and laser devices for professional inspection.

Off-season inspection

Off-season inspection is carried out before and after grain storage complex season. Here, the equipment is inspected as carefully as possible: the thickness of gravity systems is measured, the condition of lining is evaluated. If necessary, the components and parts of equipment are replaced. To perform non-standard tasks, we can attract any specialist of our company.


Scheduled maintenance, urgent repairs, diagnostics

KMZ Industries has enough experience, specialists and all kinds of tools to carry out different service work. Scheduled maintenance, urgent repairs, diagnostics – all of this can be done by our specialists. For mobilizing and assembling of our brigade you haven`t wait long time.


Today, some of the grain storage complexes are not ready to maintenance of equipment. Because, in order to reduce service personnel, it is necessary to transfer part of functions/information to other workers. Therefore, it is necessary that grain storage complexes will sufficiently automated. Automation, in real time, will collect and display information about the equipment condition, number of worked hours, malfunctions and transfer this data to the service department. All of this helps prompt and timely response, and elimination of malfunctions equipment.

The purpose for servicing are trouble-free, uninterrupted operation of the equipment, which can be ensured exclusively by scheduled preventive maintenance and regular inspections, and not by eliminating emergency breakdowns.

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