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Results of the KMZ Industries assembly department for 2023


Ukrainian agribusiness continues to work, develop and plan, as evidenced by the willingness to build and modernise grain storage capacities.

In terms of numbers, in 2023, KMZ Industries’ installation department successfully processed 46 contracts for the installation, supervision, consulting and repair of equipment. This figure is almost identical to the results of pre-war 2021.

“In total, over the year, the company’s installation department managed to install enough equipment to increase the grain storage capacity of our indomitable country by 160 thousand m3 of storage,” – said Vyacheslav Stepanchuk, Director of Installation and Construction at KMZ Industries.

Степанчук Вячеслав KMZ industries
Vyacheslav Stepanchuk, Director of Installation and Construction at KMZ Industries.

The main regions where KMZ Industries carried out installation and repair work in 2023 were Odesa, Poltava, Chernihiv, Cherkasy, and Ternopil.

“Among the completed projects, there were some rather atypical ones that I would like to share. They relate to the overhaul and restoration of 4 silos, with complete disassembly, defect detection, painting and installation using new, suitable and refurbished parts and structures. In 2022, we already gained this invaluable experience, so this year everything went much faster.

In the Odesa region, we repaired a foreign-made silo using spare parts manufactured at our facilities.

For a farm in the Chernihiv region, KMZ Industries’ technical department developed a roof for a foreign-made silo. And our division, without stopping the grain storage complex, without any lifting mechanism, carried out work to replace the silo roof at a height of more than 25 m. It was challenging and interesting,” – said Vyacheslav Stepanchuk.

He added that last year the company’s installation department installed equipment weighing more than 2,300 tons. These include silos and grain dryers. In addition, 1.25 km of conveying equipment and almost 1 km of gravity routes were installed.

“We have a very professional team that carefully works on each facility, so the implementation of all projects went well, according to predictable scenarios,” – added KMZ Industries’ Director of Installation and Construction.


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Results of the KMZ Industries assembly department for 2023

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