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KSG belt conveyors

High service reliability / Security and operating convenience / Reduced grain damage / Long service life

KSG belt conveyors

Транспортное оборудование КСГ KMZ Industries

KMZ Industries belt conveyors ensure the highly productive continuous transportation of any loose goods. Belt conveyors feed cautiously, reliably and sparingly, with low power consumption on long distances. The features of the open design ensure unhampered maintenance. The conveyors are designed for both outdoor and indoor use and can be manufactured in both open and closed versions.

KSG series stationary belt conveyors are designed for horizontal or inclined transportation of grain and its products. On request, the conveyors can be equipped with roller supports possessing various side roller incline angles: 15˚, 30˚ or 45˚. Drive stations are being rigged with ridged rubber-coated drums for reduced belt slippage during operation.


The delivery package for all conveyors includes elements of automatic systems – belt speed sensors, off-track detectors and a breakaway rope system. There is also an option to install backflow sensors.

KSG conveyors can be equipped with drives specially developed to extend the working length up to 100 m with an incline angle of up to 18˚.

Conveyors distinctive features:

  • high capacity – up to 1 500 t/h;
  • the length of the conveyor can reach 100 m;
  • simple installation;
  • reduced damage of transported product;
  • easy maintenance and repair;
  • operational reliability and long service life;
  • optimum quality/price ratio.

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