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KMZ Industries & Brice-Baker

In 2012 KMZ Industries acquired Brice-Baker — one of the leading European manufacturers of grain storage and handling equipment. This step allowed us to introduce new generation products to our customers, which properly suit their increasing demands in capacity, reliability, and efficiency. Currently, the entire model range of Brice-Baker grain dryers (190 models) is manufactured at KMZ Industries production facility in Ukraine.

Brice-Baker grain dryers

To dry grain quickly and efficiently you need high-quality and powerful equipment. These are Brice-Baker shaft grain dryers by KMZ Industries.

First, a little history. The specialists of the company developed Brice-Baker grain dryers in England. In 2012 we acquired this company with all intellectual property. Since then, we have been producing grain dryers of European quality in Ukraine.

Characteristics of Brice-Baker grain dryers

  • high capacity;
  • efficiency;
  • eco friendly
  • opportunity to dry all types of crops;
  • wide range;
  • safety.

The capacity of BB grain driers reaches 437 t/h, whereas the productivity of many others grain dryers does not even reach 100 t/h. Using Brice-Baker you can dry grain in large volumes.

Efficiency. How much grain can a dryer handle using 1 m3 of gas? It’s very important factor, because you pay for grain dryer only once, but for gas you should pay on regular basis. Brice-Baker grain dryers provide fuel economy up to 15% and electricity — up to 40%.

Eco friendly. Brice-Baker equipped with aspiration system that captures up to 97.85% of dust. What does it give? Firstly, safety — the dust easily ignited, which can lead not only to ignition of the grain, but also dryer. Secondly, grain dryer doesn’t put out in environment a lot of dust. The noise level reduced to 48 dB, so you can set up it near settlements.

An aspiration system allows Brice-Baker grain dryers dry all types of grain. For example, sunflower seeds and rapeseed produce much more dust than wheat, that’s increases the opportunity of ignition. In this case, drying these crops in Brice-Baker grain dryers is musch safer.

Wide range of Brice-Baker counts 190 models with productivity from 9 t/h to 437 t/h. This means that we can choose a model for any customer according to his needs.

Safety. Brice-Baker equipped with overheating sensors (fire detectors), grain level sensor and turbofan vibration sensors, hatches for emergency unloading of a product from a grain mine, overheating sensors. If the maximum permissible temperature is exceeded, an audible signal sounds, the burners are switched off and the dryer is switched to empty mode. After unloading the product, the mine is cooled by means of dry pipes of the fire extinguishing system (optional). When turbofans are fouling, they begin to vibrate harder. Vibration sensors inform about it.

We draw your attention to the fact that:

  • Brice-Baker grain dryers are produced of high quality galvanized steel of European manufacture;
  • grain dryers work not only on gas burners, but also on heat generators using alternative fuels;
  • Brice-Baker has free access to fans, which makes it possible to clean them at the end of the season.

Heat recovery in Brice-Baker grain dryers

Зерносушилка Brice-Baker c рекуперацией
  • Part of the exhaust hot air with the lowest moisture and air content after cooling is fed through the fan into the hot air chamber for reuse.
  • Fuel consumption is reduced up to 30% compared to grain dryers without recovery.
  • Air enters the hot air chamber bypassing the gas burner. This ensures fire safety.
Air environment
Air heated by Burner
Air heated by mixed with recuperation air
Exhausted air saturated steam
Air recuperation for reuse
Зерносушилка Brice-Baker c пылеподавлением

Dust suppression system

Dust doesn’t fly out of dryer during grain unloading.

  • The maximum dusting of the exhaust air chamber occurs during unloading with the rapid movement of grain through the shaft of the dryer.
  • To prevent dust emissions into the atmosphere during unloading, simultaneously with the opening of the unloader, the shutters installed under the fans are closed.

Attention! To prevent dust ignition, a grain dryer with a dust suppression system needs to be cleaned more often than a grain dryer with cyclofanes.

Cost and configuration of grain dryers

The price of a grain dryer is calculated individually according to your requirements. This cause by wide range of capacities and available options. Standard equipment consists of a grain dryer with an aspiration system, level sensors, overheating sensors, and temperature sensors for the treated air. The rest of the equipment is augers, bucket elevators, ladders for servicing exhaust air chambers, etc. — need to be ordered extra.

KMZ Industries provides the following services:

  • equipment assembly and installation supervision;
  • technical inspection of the object, the identification of problems;
  • staff training.

Please contact us for any questions you may have concerning our company, products or services.
Fill out the feedback form or call +38 (050) 435 76 97.

Advantages of Brice-Baker grain dryer

Higher energy efficiency compared to the forced type of ventilation

S350GD high-strength galvanized steel from European manufacturers (zinc coating up to 600 g/m2).

Grain load level control

Adjustable size of cooling zone through movable partitions

High-quality gas burners of German, Italian and domestic manufacture*
*Ability to use various types of fuels

Uniform grain motion without causing damage to grain

Interactive operational control

Aspiration system captures up to 97.85% of dust

Careful drying of grains

Environmental compatibility and production effectiveness

Gas consumption from 1 m3/t%

Reliability and high productivity

Discharge hopper with inspection hatch and windows

Protection from thermal shock and grain damage during heating

Models with production capacity from 9 to 437 t/h.

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