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DSP grain dryers

50 years of constant development and improvement of model range


DSP flow-line double-shaft grain dryers of the air blower type are one of the best domestic designs of grain-drying facilities. They have proved themselves to be excellent both in Ukraine and abroad due to their reliability, high quality, and longevity.

These grain-dryer systems have been made at our company’s manufacturing facilities for more than 50 years.


DSP grain dryers are suitable for drying all grain crops, ensuring a high grade of moisture removal and filtering the drying agent and air from light admixtures.

Humidity control

DSP grain dryers are recirculating ones, which allow batches of grain to be mixed with different humidity and carry out grain humidity control directly in the stream. This recirculation makes it possible for the grain to be mixed and dried in the process, which enables the simultaneous drying of grain from various batches grain.

Fuel types

The DSP grain dryers can work on various types of fuel. They stand out due to their simplicity of design, installation and maintenance, which allows the replacement of any of their structural assemblies without the dismantling of the entire grain dryer and ensures one of the best equipment longevity indices on the market.

Parameter check

Automatic systems present in the grain dryer provide the optimal and stable drying schedule for the grain, supervision of the process and indication of all essential parameters.

Weather protection

The electrical equipment in the DSP grain dryer is protected from atmospheric precipitations.


To ensure convenient and safe maintenance and scheduled service work the grain dryer is equipped with well-developed ergonomic ladders, inspection platforms, inspection windows and access hatches.


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