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Bucket elevators

High service reliability / Security and operating convenience / Reduced grain damage / Long service life

Bucket elevators

Bucket elevators are used widely both as part of the KMZ Industries grain elevator complexes and for the renovation of existing facilities. Modern materials and technologies ensure long service life and high efficiency of conveying equipment.
Structural durability and various lining options ensure long-term operation, while the availability of the ablast discharger, speed control device, off-track detector, backflow sensor and brake make the operation safe. The bucket elevators made by KMZ Industries are designed for transportation of loose goods to a height of up to 60 meters with productivity up to 800 t/h.
Our bucket elevators are equipped with metal or polymeric buckets – depending on the customer’s wishes.

Use of polymeric buckets enables the better preservation of the properties of grain and seeds, saving up to 20% of energy due to the reduced weight of the buckets, prolongs the service lifetime and ensures a low friction ratio.

Distinctive features of the bucket elevators are as follows:

  • durable structure for continuous operation;
  • maximum elevation height – 60 meters;
  • high wear-resistance of traction device (belt and buckets);
  • gravity or screw take-up of the drum;
  • ease of maintenance.

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