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Hopper silos

Model range

KMZ Industries produces the widest model range of hopper silos in Ukraine:

  • 3 model ranges: Вrice-Вaker, SMVU, Variant Agro Build;
  • 7 types of silos;
  • 23 modifications of silos.

Silo capacity from 11 to 1.500 t of grain. Incline of hopper bottom: 45°, 55°, 62°, 65°. Silo diameter – from 2.7 to 11 m. Diameter increment of Brice-Baker silos is 1 m, which enables the silo to fit into any layout of the site.


Hopper silos, manufactured by KMZ Industries are used for operating storage and permanent preservation of all crops.

They are also suitable for storing compound feed, flour and oil meal: for these products we produce hopper silos with incline of hopper bottom 62° and 65° and a strengthened design. Thanks to special solutions developed by our design bureau, it is possible to avoid freezing and sticking in the silo of products with high bulk density (hard-to-flow products).

Our silos ensure the long-term consistent quality of the stored grain by means of:

  • variability of conditioning systems (selected directly for each project);
  • advanced temperature control system: digital multipoint temperature transmitters with layer-by-layer temperature control enable the information to be brought to a PC or gadget using specialized software; multipoint temperature transmitters are installed at intervals of 1.5 m.
Конусные силосы KMZ Industries


Silos are produced out of high-quality, durable galvanized steel from European manufacturers. The steel grade is S350GD with zinc coating Zn 275, Zn 350, Zn 450, Zn 600 (according to the project’s requirements).

Design loads comply with DIN, DSTU, DBN, and EUROCODE.


Hopper silos produced by KMZ Industries are easy and fast to assemble due to the accurate geometry of bolt connection holes and the presence of visual markers of panel thickness (BBK models).


The guaranteed quality of the equipment manufactured by KMZ Industries is confirmed by our customers’ operational experience of more than 10 years.

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Конусные силосы KMZ Industries

Safety and ergonomic

For operational safety and ease of use the silos are equipped with:

  • upper grain limit level sensors;
  • inspection and service hatches;
  • ergonomic ladders with handrails;
  • ergonomic scaffolding and ladders with handrails and guardrails for ease of use.

Accuracy and strength of bolted joints

Geometric accuracy of bolt holes in panels and ribs. Fastening are used M10 and M12 bolts, strength grade 8.8, complete with nuts, conical washers and gaskets.

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