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TSC chain conveyors

High service reliability / Security and operating convenience / Reduced grain damage / Long service life

TSC chain conveyors

Chain conveyors are designed for horizontal and horizontal-inclined transportation of grain crops. TSC conveyors have a reliable industrial design and are able to work under severe and sustained loads. The conveyor’s chain is made of special steel and ensures continuous long-term operation.
Use of polyurethane scrapers ensures low energy consumption, reliability, and longevity of the traction device along with reduced damage to the product being transported and low level of noise from the operating equipment. The conveyor is covered in full, which prevents the emission of dust.

Distinctive features of the conveyors are as follows:

    • high capacity and simplicity of maintenance;
    • high wear-resistance of the traction device (chain and scrapers);
    • minimum dust discharge into the atmosphere during the product’s transportation;
    • possibility to unload the product along the transportation route;
    • various transportation routes: horizontal, inclined, combined horizontal-inclined;
    • models made of galvanized metal are available.

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