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KG screw conveyors

High service reliability / Security and convenience of operation / Reduced grain damage / Long service life

KG screw conveyors

Конвейер винтовой КГ-300 KMZ Industries

KG series screw conveyors are designed for horizontal or inclined transportation of grain and its products.

Screw conveyors safeguard the enclosed process of product transportation, capability to load and unload in several points, zero loss of transported grain, reversible product feed, security during maintenance and repairs, low energy consumption.

The design of KG screw conveyors envisages the thermal compensation of the screw in axial direction along with the bearing assemblies mounted outside the casing, enabling the transportation of materials with a temperature of up to 90°C.

Radial roller bearings are used in the bearing assemblies, which enables the transportation of high-density materials (sand, cement, etc.).The ability to quickly replace the friction parts without disassembling the conveyor itself is foreseen by the constructive design of the hanger bearings.

Screw conveyors stand out with their usability in nearly all industry sectors.The various technical processes (for instance mixing, heating, cooling, moisturizing) can be deliberately combined in the production process with transportation.Transportation does not involve dust and smell due to the complete sealing of the housing.

Simple integration with the system as a whole, because loading and unloading are possible anywhere.

The structure does not need a large production area.

Conveyors distinctive features:

  • Production capacity: up to 200 t/h.
  • May be placed at an angle of up to 60°.
  • Reversible product feed.
  • Transportation of loads with temperatures up to +90 °C due to temperature compensation of the auger.
  • Quick replacement of friction parts without dismantling the entire conveyor.
  • Ability to transport products with a higher density due to the roller angular bearings.
  • The product is transported without dust and odour due to the complete sealing of the box.

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