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Auxiliary equipment

Conveyance capacity up to 1,500 t/h / wall thickness up to 4 mm / lined with wear proof polymer material


KMZ Industries produces wide range of auxiliary equipment for the purposes of grain logistics at the grain elevator complex. Universality and constructive features of these elements allow to rapidly perform their installation and replacement of their parts, worn in the course of operation.

Самотечное оборудование KMZ Industries Задвижка ЗРЭ-300 KMZ Industries Задвижка с пневмоприводом KMZ Industries
Self-gravity tubes Sliding gates Sliding gates with pneumatic drive
Клапан перекидной KMZ Industries Разделитель зерновой KMZ Industries Распределитель зернопотоков KMZ Industries
Two-way valve Grain flow distributor Mechanized grain flow distributor


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