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Silos XE for flour storage


KMZ Industries produces XE series silos, which are designed for bulk storage of flour at baking industry enterprises.

XE series silos are also usable as processing bins for short-term storage of grain and grain products.
Silos can be equipped with a pillar, rotary feeder, vibrating bottom, heck or shutter (according to the customer’s requirements).


Welded vertical body with service hatches.

  • Inspection hatch for conical bottom maintenance.
  • Manifold with pipes for breakdown (blowing) of caked product.
  • Easy detachable roof.
  • Inspection hatch on roof.

Simplified silo installation due to absence of body assembling on site.

Optional scope of delivery includes

  • Support for lifting the bin to a higher level.
  • Rotary feeder for bin discharge.
  • Pneumatic gate for opening and blocking the movement of flour or grain.


The guaranteed quality of the equipment manufactured by KMZ Industries is confirmed by our customers’ operational experience of more than 10 years.

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