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Flat bottom silo

2 model ranges: Brice-Baker (developed in UK) and SMVU (developed by Ukrainian engineers)

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We guarantee that the qualitative grain features of grain will be preserved for at least one year. The operational lifetime of silo’s metal construction is at least 15 years.

The guaranteed quality of the equipment manufactured by KMZ Industries is confirmed by our customers’ operational experience of over 10 years.


Silos are produced out of high-quality, durable galvanized steel from European manufacturers SSAB, Voestalpine, Wuppermann. The steel grade is S350GD with zinc coating Zn 275, Zn 350, Zn 450, Zn 600 (according to the project’s requirements).

Brice-Baker and SMVU

KMZ Industries produces flat bottom silos in 2 model ranges: Brice-Baker (developed in the UK) and SMVU (developed by Ukrainian engineers).
The silos are manufactured using US-made BRADBURY production lines and Japanese AMADA processing machines at the production facility in Poltava Region.

Silos are equipped with efficient conditioning systems, which provide long-term consistent grain quality. The design features of the roof are instrumental in discharging condensate and improving aeration, as well as in preventing atmospheric precipitates and birds from getting into the silo. Used temperature control system – digital multipoint temperature transmitters with layer-by-layer temperature control enable information to be brought to a PC or gadget using specialized software.


The roof inspection hatch enables visual inspection of grain and, if necessary, grants access to the silo’s interior. Double service doors are located on the first and second tiers of the silo. The door on the second tier is equipped with internal and external ladders. Two doors enable convenient access inside to install the screw gear or to take samples.

For operational safety and ease of use, silos are equipped with well-developed ergonomic roof ladders, vertical ladders for getting down from the overpass to the roof, external ladders with safeguard bows and landing platforms.

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