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Key importers of KMZ Industries' elevator equipment are from the nearest countries


The war in Ukraine has made adjustments to the usual quantitative indicators of elevator equipment exports and their structure, but KMZ Industries’ cooperation with foreign customers continues, and the main ones are from neighbouring countries.

According to Valeriia Kalashnyk, CEO of KMZ Industries, the largest number of the company’s foreign customers are from the countries that are geographically closest to Ukraine: Moldova, Romania, Hungary, and the Baltic region.

“It is not without reason that customers from far abroad – from Africa, for example, or India – continue to be interested in our equipment. However, not everyone is ready to cooperate with a warring state. At the moment, it is easier for us to work with our neighbours. Even in the matter of logistics. For almost two years of the full-scale war in Ukraine, Romania has the largest share in KMZ Industries’ equipment exports. We have increased sales to this country,” – explained Valeriia Kalashnyk.

According to her, the company continues to work on increasing export sales of elevator equipment and expanding its sales geography. The plan is to return to the 2021 shipment figures and, accordingly, increase them.

“We try to attend international exhibitions and conferences, because this is the only way to expand the circle of foreign partners and customers, and thus the market for KMZ Industries products. The trip to Agritechnica-2023, the largest international exhibition of agricultural technologies, where we adequately represented both KMZ Industries and Ukraine, was a landmark, very productive and timely for our team. We continue to work,” – added the CEO of KMZ Industries.


KMZ Industries has joined the Lugera Ukraine and USAID program "Win Talent back to Ukraine"

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Key importers of KMZ Industries' elevator equipment are from the nearest countries

Romania has the largest share in KMZ Industries' equipment exports. More

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Your grain will have a home

Your grain will have a home.
Inspire with our new video about the greatness of grain storage complex birth! More


The task of the Group was to quickly build a terminal. That is why they chose a time-tested supplier and equipment, the quality of which is trusted. Currently, 7 silos, 2 drum separators, 6 bucket elevators and chain conveyors manufactured at our factory are operated in the "dry" port. More

KMZ Industries integrates AI: chatbot for effective consultations on grain storage equipment

We have implemented an AI-powered chatbot on our website. It provides consultations and answers questions regarding grain storage equipment. Operating tirelessly and continuously, it communicates in any language. More


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