KMZ Industries experts made a presentation for investors from Saudi Arabia | KMZ Industries

KMZ Industries experts made a presentation for investors from Saudi Arabia

Ukraine and Saudi Arabia: agro-sector is in priority of partnership

Exactly a year ago, our countries agreed on investment cooperation in the field of agriculture, which provides for the intensification of attracting investment in the domestic agrarian sector.

It is the key component of the trade and economic partnership between our countries, and the part of agricultural products in the overall structure of Ukrainian exports to Saudi Arabia is the largest: last year it was about 80% of the total domestic exports to this country.

The course to enhance cooperation

Profile domestic associations actively promote partnerships. Another significant step towards its development was the joint meeting of the Ukrainian-Saudi Business Council, organized by the Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

It was attended by over 40 investors from the most influential companies in Saudi Arabia – this is the largest delegation from the Kingdom in the entire history of Ukraine’s independence.

Information for investors

KMZ experts made a report at the event and answered questions from potential investors.

First of all, businessmen of the Kingdom asked about features of taxation of foreign investments, their payback period, the state support for agricultural producers and the cost of grain storage complexes with a capacity of 50 thousand tons. The priority for investment from this country is large of grain storage complexes.

And among the features of production, which are particularly focused on, are the reliability of silos, the type of metal from which they are made, and the automation capabilities of the elevator equipment, which, in particular, will help investors control and manage the business remotely.

We are proud to be a member of the positive changes that are happening in the agricultural market of Ukraine!

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