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We are for implementing of energy-efficient solutions

KMZ Industries not only helps the customers to save money producing grain dryers that can work on an alternative fuel, but also implement energy-efficient solutions in their own production.

«Optimizing of constant expenses and improving energy efficiency are among the company’s objectives for the next 3 years,” comments Valeriya Kalashnik, CEO of KMZ Industries. More recently the administrative building was heated by two gas boilers of 100 kW each. It is convenient and practical but not cheap. Therefore, in the future heating season we turn to “solid” fuel, and gas heating is left as a backup. This optimization will cut heating costs by an average of 40%».

The technical solution is offered by Marten solid fuel boilers manufacturer. The boiler plant for 200 kW (2 MIT-100P boilers) is equipped with a torch type pellet burner and is equipped with automation control of combustion.

Technical director of KMZ Industries, Roman Shtelmakh, says: «The boiler-house works automatically, pellets from husk of sunflower are used as fuel. Quality pallets let the automation system provides the set temperature steadily and eliminates the need for constant presence of the operator. One loading of the bunker is enough for one day of the operation of  the boiler at least».

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