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Alebor Group chose equipment from KMZ Industries for the construction of a "dry" port


Recently, a new terminal has been launched on the border with Romania, which belongs to the leading player in the grain market, Alebor Group.

All equipment installed at VST is entirely from Ukrainian manufacturers.

KMZ Industries manufactured and supplied for the terminal:

  • 3 BBK silos with a capacity of 10,678 thousand tons each – they will be used for storage and accumulation of grain.
  • 4 СМВУ silos with a capacity of 51 tons each – they will be used to transfer products to the railroad.
  • 2 drum separators for 5 sieves with a throughput of 175 t/h (for wheat at moisture content up to 16%).
  • 2 elevators with a capacity of 300 t/h with a total length of 83 m.
  • 4 elevators with a capacity of 200 t/h with a total length of 146 m.
  • 13 chain conveyors with a capacity of 300 t/h and a total length of 390.5 m.
  • 5 chain conveyors with a capacity of 200 t/h and a total length of 86.5 m.
  • 1 chain conveyor with a capacity of 50 t/h and a length of 24 meters.

The total length of the transport route is 730 meters.


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The task of the Group was to quickly build a terminal. That is why they chose a time-tested supplier and equipment, the quality of which is trusted. Currently, 7 silos, 2 drum separators, 6 bucket elevators and chain conveyors manufactured at our factory are operated in the "dry" port. More

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